For an continual quality control we are using optical emission spectroscopy to obtain the material analysis data which are essential for high accuracy and a long-lasting performance.This is a modern, reliable process that identifies even the smallest deviations in the composition of the solder bath and forms the basis for complete documentation. A professionally performed solder bath analysis also creates additional safety: Failures and defects in the solder are avoided, and subsequent dangers such as those arising from short circuits due to possible material defects are minimised.

Improved testing, improved production

In order to ensure the continual quality management, documentation and development of your high-quality soft solders, we offer both solder bath analysis and the complete range of services involved with comprehensive solder bath management. This allows us to show you the actual condition of your solders during sampling, by examining the chemical composition in minute detail and documenting the results. As well as serving as a general quality check, this also means that any possible negative interactions caused by the interplay of very different metals and applications can be detected in good time and therefore avoided. One common example of this is the copper-leaching-effect: If detected at an early stage, major losses during production can be prevented, as can any subsequent costly complaints.

Our very experienced experts also carry out solder bath analyses for testing purposes: These allow for the investigation and verification of the influences and causes of certain material changes that occur as a result of the use of a wide range of different types of PCBs and electrical or electronic components. Another exciting field of application for the material analysis is that of old solders and alloys in the restoration of old systems, machines or organs: In this field, we use our long-standing experience and background knowledge to establish the historically correct material compositions and to reproduce them as authentically as possible.

With the additional wide-ranging options offered by solder bath management, we can support you in the continual monitoring of dynamic chemical compositions, which is a fundamental prerequisite for consistently high quality. At the same time, we make it easier and more systematic to analyse the causes of defects. We ask the crucial questions: Is the issue caused by a change in the alloy composition? Have defined limit values been exceeded or not met, and has this lead to production defects? Where did the defect first occur? It’s often a form of detective work, where potential defects are observed, analysed and investigated step by step, and holistic solutions developed.

All benefits

  • Visualisation of the material’s chemical composition
    Snapshot as documentation of the actual condition as well as a comparison with target parameters

  • Documentation 
    Traceable and legally compliant

  • Operational and strategic production planning and control
    Early prevention of subsequent errors and customisation possibilities 

  • Location of the introduction of foreign matter
    Detection of possible harmful material mix-ups during the provision of foreign materials

  • Evidence of interactions
    Improved monitoring of applications with new or unknown alloys and metals

  • Traceability of all production chains
    Complete documentation of all production levels