On the safe side

Legal standards and compliance with them are one thing, but a clear commitment to quality and the respectful treatment of nature and the environment are another thing entirely. For us, economic success and strict regulations do not need to be mutually exclusive. We apply our ISO certifications with corresponding consistency in all of our day-to-day operations, follow international environmental standards and are committed to never processing any substances or raw materials from conflict regions. This is the only way of continuing to ensure sustainable production and business operations in the future. Some of the most important certificates and memberships include:

Product configurator

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Market price information

These charts are intended as a guide regarding the price developments for various important raw materials within our sector.


Generally our offers are based on current raw material values and reflect daily valid prices. We gladly provide the latest prices on your request.

REACH Regulation

On 01.12.2010, Feinhütte Halsbrücke GmbH received the registration in accordance with the provisions of the REACH Regulation. REACH stands for the “Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”, and is a comprehensive body of regulations that is mandatory in the member states. REACH is one of the most significant environmental policy initiatives introduced in the European Union over recent decades, and affects practically every company that works with chemical substances.

CFSI Downstream Audit

With the CFSI Downstream Audit, we are able to prove that Feinhütte does not process any materials from conflict regions. CFSI stands for “Conflict-Free Smelter Initiative” – an initiative set up by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Initiative.


GKZ Freiberg
VDM (Association of German Metal Traders)
DVS (German Welding Society) - Soldering Society

Laboratory diagnostics/analyses

In modern laboratory diagnostics in the fields of metallurgy and industry, there is a heavy focus on product quality, legal constraints and environmental regulations: Metal and alloy compositions are therefore determined accurately to within a fraction of a gram.

Disposal advice

In the field of tin and lead smelting, environmentally responsible disposal solutions are essential, and need to be implemented not only in compliance with the legal requirements, but also in way that helps develop innovative and sustainable concepts.

Always the right format

High-purity metals for the EMS sector, special soft solders for automotive applications, special solutions for the arts and crafts sector: We stand for top quality, in every area.