Ensuring verifiably closed cycles for disposal and recycling within Germany is the only way of guaranteeing the safe handling of production residue and waste containing tin and lead, without risking any potential environmental hazards as a result of the transfer of waste abroad with compulsory reporting. At the same time, keeping recycling rates as high as possible and transporting distances short helps to conserve valuable resources and the environment, which also makes sense not least from an economic perspective. Professional disposal and compliance advice is crucial in order to achieve this.

Know-how for the environment

On the one hand, there’s the valuable materials. And on the other hand, the national and European laws relating to disposal and recycling. Solder waste and lead chips from production processes are just two examples of substances that need to be fed back into the resource cycle as far as possible, following professional reprocessing. As an extremely reliable and experienced partner, we will gladly advise you on all issues relating to the recycling and disposal of residual materials containing tin and lead, with a lot of expertise that is always kept up to date. We have over 400 years of experience in metallurgy and a team of extremely innovative and experienced metallurgists who will put all of their expertise from the field of pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy to work for you. You can rely on a safe complete recycling system that really lives up to its name, under attractive conditions that will make your decision even easier. We currently already process over 15,000 tonnes of waste containing tin and lead per year. We can offer you a top-class compliance advice service as well as the best possible remuneration for your valuable waste – you don’t have to give away anything for free. We also ensure that you always comply with any applicable legal requirements when it comes to recycling and disposal. Our service guarantees the legally compliant recycling of your material in Germany’s most multi-faceted tin and lead smelting plant. 

An overview of the benefits for you

  • Over 400 years of experience in metallurgy as one of the oldest smelting plants in Europe

  • Germany’s only tin and lead smelting plant with this level of complexity in the field of pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy

  • Transparent, attractive remuneration system for your materials

  • Legally compliant disposal and recycling in Germany

  • Minimal bureaucracy

  • Experienced metallurgists and innovative production processes

  • Very competent and trained employees 

  • Sound, comprehensive advice on all issues relating to disposal, recycling and compliance

  • The complete package: As well as buying back your residual materials, we also produce and deliver new material for individual applications