The processing of metallic production residues such as leakers, dross and used solders and anodes is a sustainable way of closing raw-material cycles while also securing resources that will be required in the future. After reprocessing or conversion, the material has the same high-quality characteristics as new material, and can be used in production processes again without any problems.

Old instead of new

Close your economic cycles and operate in an environmentally responsible way: We refine or extract the copper from your old materials such as leakers, dross and used solders and anodes in a professional manner. In this way, we can reprocess materials that have been contaminated by previous processing, for example, in a way that allows you to re-use the alloys in your systems and machines once they have been purified in accordance with the defined specifications – with the same quality as new material. We refine the solder with a lot of care and expertise, and then provide you with the optimally reprocessed material for re-use in the form of blocks, ingots and studs, with additional formats available on request. We will gladly provide this sustainable, valuable and transparent service for you following individual consultation. We also dispose of the residual products that are generated during processing and refining in a professional manner in compliance with the applicable laws and provisions. Our experts will gladly provide you with comprehensive information on this, and will be on hand to help you with their expertise and experience.