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Process technology or office management? The professions at our company that require apprenticeship training are varied and future-proof, and they will help you develop both personally and professionally. We are offering something more than simply sound professional training based on theory and practice. Alongside the purely professional aspect, you will also benefit from an appreciation for your day-to-day work, a respectful and familial working relationship and interesting input on a continual basis, making an apprenticeship with us particularly valuable and long-lasting. We look forward to meeting you! 

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Mrs Seifert

Human Resources

Metal processing technologist apprenticeship

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of metallurgy with us! Fully understand, control and monitor production. Ensure that we achieve the quality that our customers expect from us and that we are famous for. In short: work with liquid metal! These are just a few examples of the subjects we will introduce you to during this exciting apprenticeship. 
And if environmental protection is important to you too: Why not make it your job? As a reprocessing company, we make sure that old scrap is transformed back into new products. If you have good school-leaver qualifications and are looking for a top-class apprenticeship, you’ll find just that with us. And you’ll have the best opportunity to continue working with us too.

Apprenticeship for office management specialist

Varied tasks, organisation of day-to-day operations in a young, dynamic team: A successful company like Feinhütte Halsbrücke needs people like you, who can keep all of the admin, and therefore all of the business processes, running smoothly. If you have good school-leaver qualifications, we are your ideal choice for an exciting apprenticeship with a future-oriented perspective.