The name “Emil Otto” has stood for the highest quality since 1901. As an owner-managed company in the fifth generation, Emil Otto has dedicated itself to the development and manufacture of innovative solutions.

Currently, Emil Otto offers a wide range of products for metal surface treatment and metal joining technology. Especially the excellent fluxes for electronics production, strip tinning and radiator and tank construction are successfully used at home and abroad. The comprehensive product portfolio is completed by soldering aids, cleaning products, SMD adhesives and ESD products.

With the cooperation of Emil Otto and Feinhütte Halsbrücke, two traditional companies have come together which are market leaders in their fields. Emil Otto is known in the chemical sector for excellent fluxes and a high degree of customer orientation. As Feinhütte Halsbrücke we stand for metallurgical experience and quality like no other manufacturer. The synergy of chemistry and metallurgy enables you to receive comprehensive advice and to obtain all products for your applications from one source. As an owner-managed family business, both companies share the same values and objectives. For both of us, economic independence and the flexibility of a medium-sized company are the cornerstones of our reliable work, which is characterised by innovation. 

The comman goal is the developing of new, innovative and perfectly matching products.

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