Exceptional accuracy

Our laboratory boasts outstanding analysis technology and a highly specialised team who can conclusively interpret even complex measurement results right down to the smallest detail. We inspect every production step thoroughly and critically. To do so, we use high-performance laboratory equipment and diagnostics, which we also use to analyse samples from third-party customers. Our highly qualified research team monitors the entire production operation, and also carries out innovative research and development work alongside the day-to-day analysis work and the preparation of meaningful test results from ongoing production. Results and feedback from the practical application of soft solders also feed directly into our research work, which is a traditional practice in Halsbrücke. Since as far back as the 18th century, increasingly refined process technologies have been developed in this village in Germany by a large number of famous scientists including Clemens Winkler, Wilhelm August Lampadius, Carl Friedrich Plattner, Alexander von Humboldt and many more.

Make the most of all the benefits on offer

  • Continual quality monitoring
    Analysis of all in-house productions and material conversions with long-term storage of the measured values

  • Comprehensive solder bath analysis 
    Continual analysis of solder baths in industrial production facilities

  • Research and development
    Extensive analysis options and profound expertise

  • Historically authentic materials
    Identification of materials for restorations and reproductions of historical metal mixtures in organ building, the manufacture of instruments and mechanical engineering