The associations and organisations that we support include: 

  • Förderverein der Oberschule Halsbrücke
    [Halsbrücke high school association] 
    School performances: funds for prop design and technology

  • Jugend Technik Haus Freiberg
    [Freiberg youth technology centre]

    • Supporting children and young people with construction projects

    • Technical model-making to develop interest in STEM subjects

    • Assistance with career guidance through company visits

    • Funds for materials, tools etc.

  • Historische Freiberger Berg- und Hüttenknappschaft e.V.
    [historic Freiberg mining and metallurgy association]
    Supporting the preservation of mining and metallurgical tradition in the region

  • VfB Saxonia Halsbrücke e.V.
    [Saxonia Halsbrücke sports club]
    Supporting the Halsbrücke football association

  • Mittelsächsisches Theater Freiberg
    [Theatre in Freiberg]
    Preserving and promoting art and culture in Central Saxony

  • Gottfried-Silbermann- Gesellschaft e.V.
    [Gottfried-Silbermann society]
    Preserving and promoting art, culture and music in Central Saxony

  • Siedlerverein Erzwäsche Halsbrücke e.V.
    [Erzwäsche Halsbrücke residents’ association]
    Maintaining and protecting the natural environment and landscape, supporting the ecological design of residential settlements

  • Local med. facilities
    Protective equipment in times of the Corona crisis


Freiberg evangelical Lutheran cathedral parish, St. Michael evangelical Lutheran parish, Tuttendorf church restoration, Mukoviszidose Selbsthilfe Dresden e.V. [Dresden cystic fibrosis self-care association], Oktoberfest Halsbrücke, Weißenborn sports club, Drei Weiße Birken Helbigsdorf [Helbigsdorf local association], Wirtschaftsjunioren Freiberg [Freiberg economic juniors], FIRE e.V., Handwerk Rabenstein sports club, Freibergsdorf Hammer Mill, carnival clubs in the region, historical mining associations in the region