Doing good, systematically

By setting up the foundation, we took the decision to support concrete projects and institutions from within our region. By doing so, we are able to achieve the non-profitable and charitable purpose clearly defined in our articles of association, in particular by providing the following organisations with financial support and promotion:

  • The Central Saxon theatre or other cultural institutions for the sustainable preservation of culture in the Freiberg region.

  • Institutions that serve to preserve mining and smelting culture or to uphold mining or smelting tradition, or that are committed to the preservation of these types of structures in the Freiberg region.

  • We also support children and young people by awarding scholarships or providing financial support and opportunities for apprenticeships – in particular in the field of science or in the STEM subjects.

  • We support talented children and young people as defined at the time of the foundation’s formation (max. 25 years old) in the field of physical and musical education. This could include us making financial contributions or paying the course fees, for example, or paying for sports equipment or musical instruments.

  • Institutions for training and educational support for children and young people.

We would be happy to tell you about specific projects in detail, together with the recipients.